You might not expect it, but despite their small size it turns out that postage stamps are the perfect place for illustrations. Whether they're created to raise awareness of a worthy cause, commemorate historical figures and events, or simple to brighten up your mail, brilliantly designed stamps are the ideal way to spread the word and get illustrations in front of thousands of eyeballs.

Here, we've got 8 of our favourite stamp designs to share with you.

Best stamp designs: Bees

We'll start with one of the newest stamp collections that has been launched by Royal Mail. The collection is called Bees, and features six illustrations of Britain's bees.

The six bee stamps were designed by Anna Ekelund and illustrated by Richard Lewington. This is not the first time the pair have worked together on stamps – in 2013 they worked together to create a set of butterfly stamps.

The collection is available to purchase now on the Royal Mail website.

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