Which are the best iPad apps for artists? That depends on the artist, of course; but there are a few leading candidates worth consideration. Here we review the 5 best iPad apps for artists, whether for sketching, drawing or painting. Updated, 2 December 2013

Apple’s tablet is tailor-made for touchscreen creativity – as are many iOS apps. But which apps should artists invest their time and money in?

There are a whole host of software tools and apps for the Apple iPad that will allow you to unlock your inner creativity and produce everything from doodles and drawings right through to minor works of art.

There are so many, in fact, that it's tricky to tell which are good enough to match your level of artistry and which are suitable for the idle doodler – but that's not a disaster, as even the best will set you back less than a tenner. Here we've collected our five favourite iPad apps for artists, to help you decide where to start, but do let us know what sketching/painting app you depend on.

1. Procreate 2

£3.99 | Download Procreate now

The first on our list is this new entry by Savage Interactive. Already highly rated by artists (including, we believe, Pete Fowler, the Super Furry Animals album artist), Procreate 2 is now here to use. It's a quick, accurate drawing and painting app that's capable of striking artworks.

With new features such as GPU accelerated filters, 4K canvases and 64-bit support, the new version of this iPad app is sure to please artists - particularly those who already use Procreate as it's a free upgrade.

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2. Adobe Photoshop Touch

£6.99/$9.99 | Download Photoshop Touch now

Although there's also the option of Adobe Photoshop Express (free, bit.ly/QUaJZk), if you're looking for extra creative options when working with digital photography, then this is the app to own. Granted, it doesn't have all the sophisticated tools that come inside the full-blown Photoshop package, but there's plenty here to help your productivity. The great thing is that it comes tailor-made for a tablet interface, there's support for iCloud Photo Stream and you'll find some neat new tools inside to boot.

We tend to amass an endless amount of images these days, so having a decent image editor at your fingertips makes sense. Add the fact that you can carry out fingertip editing to all kinds of shots within the easy-to-use interface, and this is an essential for any creative type. What's more, you'll also find Photoshop Touch has a strong emphasis on photo sharing through the usual social networking channels, which means it's both quick and easy to tweak images and let people see them in no time.

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3. ArtRage for iPad

£2.99/$4.99 | Download ArtRage now

If you love painting, then an iPad is the perfect medium for unleashing your creative spirit when you're away from your paints. The ArtRage app is an amazing little chunk of software that has all the tools you'll need to produce exquisite works of art, all without getting a drop of paint on your fingers.

Open up the program and you're transported into a virtual artist's studio, with an array of oils and watercolours at your disposal and, of course, an unlimited supply of (virtual) blank canvas on which to dabble with your brushes.

The sensitivity and interaction is spot on, and it's possible to blend and brush just as you would in the real world. The whole experience is remarkably lifelike, especially when you use the palette and start applying liberal globs of paint to your work. The blending actions and overall end results are generally top-notch, although this depends on how talented you are in the first place. However, even if you're not quite Picasso, don't despair. This is a real blast, and it's possible to while away hours perfecting your digital canvas.

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4. Brushes 3

Free | Download Brushes 3 now

If it's good enough for someone like David Hockney, then Brushes must be perfect for beginners, right? Granted, you'll need at least a small streak of creativity, but the interface on this app provides everything else you need to produce works of art on your tablet. There's a whole range of brushes, complete with different presets, you can select colours with speed and efficiency, and any gaffes you make can be undone with a tap.

There's also a sort of automated record of how you produced your image, which is a good way to see what design and painting traits you might have, while  amusing others along the way. When you've finished applying your brushstrokes, the resultant masterpiece can be shared with family and friends using a Tweet function, or via email or printing.

Plus, with the latest version (3.1) the developers have added iOS 7 and 64-bit support.

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5. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

SketchBook Pro for iPad

£1.99 | Download SketchBook Pro now

If you're a fan of drawing, then Sketchbook Pro will prove a surefire hit. This incredibly clever application offers up a whole range of professional-level drawing and painting tools that provide power and precision, and the controls are pretty easy to master, too. It has a wide array of canvas options and makes the most of your tablet touchscreen and sensitivity controls. Adding to the fun is a raft of tools that include high-quality brushes, while the capacity for working with layers means that producing multi-layered documents is straightforward.

Pressure-sensitive controls mean that, with practice, you can soon be producing works of art in all kinds of freehand styles, using the collection of everything from pencils and pens through to deluxe brushes. If you need to make more complex tweaks further down the line, then your work can also be exported as layered Photoshop files, so it's one for the pros among you, too.

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