Digital painting

Create a digital painting of a robot mech

This tutorial by freelance concept artist Takumer Homma is a journey in creating a robot painting in Photoshop – though his techniques would work just as well in Corel Painter or even physical paints.

Here Takumer has focussed on art fundamentals such as gesture, lighting, tonal value, and composition.  We will approach the painting using traditional art principles – using a series of the abstract shapes to establish the lights and the darks.

Paint this gorgeous disco-inspired portrait

You’d be very world-weary indeed if your first reaction when looking at this portrait wasn’t ‘wow’. Knockout digital portraiture at this level takes skill, craft and patience – and here, Neville d’Souza guides you step by step through the painstaking process of creating this gorgeous portrait from scratch in Photoshop.

You’ll learn how to plan and pull off truly stunning digital paintings, covering everything from choosing your colour palette to the intricate layering and detailed brush work that make this portrait such a many-faceted, hyperrealistic treat.

You’ll also learn tips for painting faces – in particular, for creating those incredible eyes and lips from scratch, using only reference photos.

Paint with fire

In this tutorial, we’re going to take a simple model shot and transform it into a spitting, crackling beacon of fire.

Using some of the most common Photoshop tools (like Smudge, Dodge and Burn) Neville D’Souza shows how to create a complicated artwork without relying on third-party plug-ins.

This lesson will also give you good practice with Photoshop’s Levels and Adjustment Layers – which can be extremely powerful if used properly – as well as Layer Masks and Blend Modes to create stunning, and yet sometimes quite subtle, effects.

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