Enhance live event photography

Tigz Rice reveals how she edited this stunning photograph of the London stage show Flashdance for the show’s promoters.

Apply authentic-looking vintage effects to photos

The Photoshop workflow to attain that antique look was devised by Proporta product designer Graham Boyd, who also shot the photo. The steps he outlines here will allow you to use subtle effects to create an effective image, he says – and smart use of a series of techniques and layers should deliver results quickly and reliably.

Create better-than-Instagram vintage photos in Photoshop

Fabio Sasso shows you how you can create retro lighting effects in Photoshop with a degree of control that means you get exactly the look you want without the trial-and-error aspect of the iPhone apps. And when you work with high-res photos and Photoshop’s toolset, the results are far superior, too.

Combine the best parts of two studio portrait photos into one shot

This tutorial will show you how to seamlessly combine the best parts of two photographs from the same shoot in Photoshop, using a series of adjustment masks for non-destructive editing. Although this tutorial is focused on the head of the model, the same techniques could be applied to any part of the body.

Give photos a retro distressed look

With vintage-inspired imagery becoming ever more popular, artists are increasingly experimenting with distressing photos to match the effect of vintage printing techniques.

In this tutorial, we’ll use channel mixing, blending modes and opacity techniques to create a distressed vintage print texture on an image, complete with printer grain.

Once you’ve understood the basics, you’ll be able to develop these techniques for use in more elaborate forms of photo-manipulation, including applying textures to montages and illustrations.

Master Adobe Photoshop CC’s new photo retouch tools

The launch of Photoshop CC has seen the introduction of some major new features, including some excellent photo retouch tools and expanded Smart Object support.

Smart Objects allow for non-destructive editing, storing layers upon layer of retouching within one visible layer, rather like a family tree, to use a metaphor. When the parent image is altered at the roots (or DNA), its effects are automatically seen throughout the branches (the offspring).

Here we use the new Lens Correction, Shake Reduction and Smart Sharpen filters; and the new Camera Raw filter, which lets you adjust photos using Adobe’s Raw processing engine, rather than just as you import images.

Photo editing in Photoshop CC

Learn how to edit a photo using Photoshop CC's new Camera Shake Reduction and Smart Sharpen features and the Camera Raw filter.

Retouch photos with realistic perfect skin

Retouching skin is a common talking point for photographers, as there’s a fine line between lustrous smoothness and the dreaded plastic look. An overly airbrushed image makes subjects appear more like children’s dolls than real people, and robs them of their humanity and charisma.

In this tutorial, burlesque photographer and retouch expert Tigz Rice looks at ways of improving the appearance of skin and removing blemishes, without losing that all-important texture. Using Photoshop, you’ll learn how to make subjects look the best they can be in the real world, and not like Barbie.

Swap the colours of details in photos

When presenting work featuring photography to your clients, you may find that sometimes they love an image, but would prefer it if an element such as some jewellery was a different colour, or the model was a brunette rather than a blonde. By learning how to change these elements in Photoshop, you might be able to save yourself time and money by not having to schedule in another full day of shooting.

In this tutorial, we’ll cover the basic steps of colour mixing in Photoshop by turning the model’s gold jewellery and the detailing on her dress into silver. Once you’ve mastered this, you’ll be able to adapt these skills to a number of different applications including garments and hair.

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