When I was hired to design the cover for Penguin's Centennial Edition of James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, I immediately had the whole thing in mind, having read Joyce religiously for years. I knew to trust my intuition, since that intuition would be informed by all the research I'd already put into it.

The cover had to loop on the French flaps and on the front I wanted to put the protagonist in the middle of a poetic awakening, with the grim Irish skies suddenly turning luminous, borrowing the colours from each section of the book.

I sketched it out in Photoshop, then went over it with a light box inking with brush and ink each bit separately - the skies, the sea, the rocks and the protagonist. Then I composed everything together in Photoshop, coloured some of the lines and spent many many hours rendering the skies to evoke various scenes and themes of the book without any explicit references.

I'm sure no one will look at one cluster of clouds and identify the moocows, but that's beyond the point - the atmosphere is there, the moocows are in the book, fully fleshed in Joyce's words that don't need any illustration.

Roman Muradov (USA/Russia)

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