My sketch book is always with me, I love drawing, the problem is that I'm a shy drawer. The idea of someone noticing me drawing him/her makes me extremely uncomfortable. That's when I find blind sketching helpful. Blind sketching is a very simple technique that helps me loosen my drawing line and gives me an interesting starting point for character design. It forces me to go out of my "comfort zone" and improve my style.

The principle is very simple. The idea is to not look  (or at least, look less) at the drawing paper while sketching quickly an object that's being observed.  Very often it gives nothing, just a pile of gibberish lines. But sometimes it can catch the essence of a posture or a movement in a very unique way. The unpredictable distortion that's created as a result of the process can be a good start for designing or illustrating characters. 

Assaf Benharroch (Israel)

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