An international range of much-loved artists has created sticker sets of lovable characters for Apple’s iMessage in the recently released iOS 10.

If you use an iPhone or iPad with the latest iOS, we’ve picked out 10 must-download sticker sets from independent illustrators and agencies for your social sharing, including Aardman, Jon Burgerman, Major Lazer and Miffy. 

How to download an artist’s sticker set 

To download an artist’s sticker set, open iMessage and tap the Applications button next to the field where you usually type a message. 

In the left-hand corner, click the button that will lead you to the App store. Once there, tap Categories in the top middle of the screen, tap Stickers, and then Artists.

You can then choose your favourite sticker sets to download. Next time you send a message, simply choose a character you wish to send from your downloads by tapping the Applications button again, and swiping right until you find your final pick.

Image: Aardman Face Bomb sticker set in context

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