We bet creative studio Differantly - no, that’s not a typo, but just a clever name on the arguably heavy-handed side– are at least light-handed when tying their laces. With their forte for intricate, pretty knots on paper, the creative studio has stringed together 10 gorgeous one-line drawings of classic sneakers.

Trainers can be bling – and sometimes a little ostentatious – and that’s fine. We all like showing off. But it can be done quietly too, as Differantly have shown with sneakers that almost look like the laces themselves have been beautifully extended - using only one line and sparely applied shadows for their gorgeous series One Line - Memorable Sneakers

The Paris- and Berlin-based creative studio specialise in these one line, minimalist works, revelling in its continuity. Their work – which includes one-line animals, icons, social networks, as well as a logo commission – is surprisingly complex despite the obvious limitations of their style, brimming with clever details without tying themselves in knots. Though guiding your gaze through their creations is a little like trying to escape a visual maze.

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