I was invited to spend an evening learning about the clay modelling process that goes on behind the scenes at Ford, by 'Ford Sculptors' including Denise Kasper, who was giving the demonstration for a group of journalists, designers and design students at Hoxton Arches' Arch 402.

Even in the digital era, Ford believes that clay modelling is still one of the most important elements of the car design process, so every car is designed in clay before being scanned in as a 3D CAD model.

But before the Sculptors can begin work on their designs, designers give the Sculptors an idea of what they're aiming for by creating Photoshop sketches. Normally there are seven or eight designers working on a car project at one time, and they'll produce around 100 sketches each.

Sculptors work closely with the designer, who is in effect the director of the clay project, to ensure that the result fits the designer's brief.

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