Austrian graphic designer Herwig Scherabon has two data visualisations that have made it into the Information is Beautiful 2016 shortlist - his unique prints on income inequality in the US and an interactive app The Affordability Explorer (as seen in the video above). 

His data visualisations are detailed, beautiful and designed in way that could only be a reflection his urban planning and architectural background, giving him insight into unpleasant economic and social trends.

Herwig studied at the Glasgow School of Art, and remains based in the Scottish city. He creates 3D, interactive or print in-depth data pieces driven by topics ranging from London house prices to the number of gang members in Los Angeles.

You can find out more information, or vote for Herwig's Affordability Explorer interactive map and his two prints on income inequality in Los Angeles and Chicago by clicking on the links. 

His abstract visual representations of the raw economic truths behind inequality creates a unique talent.

Herwig tells us about his fascination with the patterns and correlations in the urban fabric, his love for travel and his desire to not only simplify information, but to try and unveil inequality and segregation.

Image: New York City income inequality height map looking from East New York to Manhattan. Tthe height of the blocks represent income in the respective output areas.

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