The ebook hasn't killed book cover design. In fact it's made it even more important for selling printed copies to a more discerning audience who are looking to literature and non-fiction works to sit on their bookshelves and coffee-tables as homewares. And let's not forget the need for covers to entice audiences in our biggest-volume brick-and-mortar booksellers - aircraft hangar-sized supermarkets - where they must compete for attention not only with other titles but with the need to pick up whatever potential buyers really came into the store for, from tonight's dinner to a week's worth of toilet roll.

So how do you design and illustrate book covers in a way that attract readers, accurately represent what a book has to offer and exists as a piece of great art or design in its own right? Here six of our favourite book cover illustrators and designers tell us about creating artwork, type and graphics for original novels and new editions of classics.

Read on to learn how to illustrate and design better book covers.

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