There are lots of things in life to get passionate about: your hobbies, job, family, friends, art, experiences and your significant other (or who you'd like to be your SO). Depicting these passions in your design projects requires one key thing – authenticity. Passion needs to feel real – and fakeness is easy to spot.

To help you show these feelings better, Dan has curated galleries of images taken from Adobe Stock's extensive collection of photos, illustrations and vectors that show passion in many different forms. Maybe one will be the perfect image for your next project – thought if one's not quite right, click on the Find Similar button to see a wealth of variations from which you can pick the ideal visual.

Image: #82753868 by Halfpoint. Dan says "There’s nothing quite like watching a craftsman engaged in meticulous, detailed work. It’s not the Devil you see in those details: it’s Passion."

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