More than two years ago, Adobe expanded its online color theme service Kuler (from the Mauritian creole word for “color”) into an iPhone camera app capable of capturing every hue of the rainbow and converting them into digital palettes that can be applied to projects created with the company’s industry-leading desktop applications.

As the scope of Creative Cloud expanded, mobile devices soon joined in the fun, so Adobe rebranded to the more straightforward Color CC name, adding a triple threat of additional capture apps– Brush CC, Shape CC, and Hue CC – with similar functionality.

While each is a fantastic creative tool by itself, taking up four spaces on the home screen became a bit redundant. (I chose to stick them all in one folder, but that still wasn’t enough to appease my need for tidyness.) I’m happy to say Adobe has now come to its senses with the arrival of an all-new app that performs multiple tasks from a single icon.

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