Tip 10
“Work without distractions such as ‘new email’ alerts, and play your favourite music – that which affects you – to do your best work.”

David Carson, designer, and author of bestselling book The End of Print

Tip 11
“Aim to spend a day entirely focused on creating one particularly special piece of work. Do everything you can to make this possible – avoid distractions in your schedule, and ensure you’ve had a good night’s rest and have a clear desk.”

Alex Mathers, illustrator and admirer of bold, simple, smooth forms

Tip 12
“Breaking your routine encourages your powers of observation and critical judgment, enabling you to view work from a wider perspective. Tunnel vision is the enemy of the single-minded worker, so take a side-step and look at something you don’t expect. Go for a walk, head in a new direction, to a place you’ve never been.”

Holly Wales, art director, illustrator and lecturer

Tip 13
“I got this Twinings tea multipack recently. It’s made up of Assam, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Breakfast and Ceylon, and I find dipping into it perfect to spark that bit of creativity.”

Matt Dent, D&AD Black Pencil winner for UK coinage redesign