Tip 2
“Keep your desk tidy – not like mine. I spent an hour this morning looking for a DVD of images for a book cover, and finally had to ask the client to upload them again to our FTP. It turned out they’d mistakenly sent the DVD to a ‘Ryan Hughes’ in California, but with all that mess, I assumed it was under there somewhere.”

Rian Hughes, font designer, illustrator and occasional comic-book artist

Tip 3
“Think before you start to work. Something should be in your head or your sketchbook before you switch on your Mac. I never let my Mac control me – he knows his place; he is only a tool that helps me execute my thoughts.”

Noma Bar, illustrator, creator of the new book Negative Space

Tip 4
“When stuck for material, think back to some terrible childhood trauma and draw it. Works every time.”

Gemma Correll, illustrator and fan of “drawing, pugs and coffee”

Tip 5
“Brainstorm and rapidly prototype – force yourself to come up with as many ideas as you can, but spend no more than five minutes on each one. It’s surprising how quickly this can expose ideas that work and those that don’t. Often, ideas you least expect work best.”

Simon Crab, co-founder, digital agency Lateral