Yoplait’s current TV campaign for its Frubes brand called for four spots starring fun characters who were brought to life by Aardman Animations.

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Four TV spots in just five weeks, it’s no wonder the creative team at Aardman Animations described their latest project as a “fun-fuelled crazy rush of a job”. The Oscar-winning animation house worked its magic on four ten-second long commercials for Yoplait’s fromage frais-in-a-tube brand Frubes. 
Combining stop-motion animation shot on bluescreen, collaged backgrounds, CGI character animation, and live action, the spots see the fun Frubes characters acting cool before being bluntly beheaded by a hungry schoolboy.
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“A schedule of five weeks from pitching to delivery meant there wasn’t much time for thinking – just doing,” explains director Steve Harding-Hill. “We, therefore, purposely kept the approach simple and created a 3D ad without huge expensive model sets. ”
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client: yoplait
product: frubes
agency: mccan erickson
studio: aardman animations, www.aardman.co.uk
aardman crew:
producer: helen argo
director: steve harding-hill
cgi model: steven roberts
cgi rigger/compositor: phillip child, darren dubicki
cgi animator: adam cootes
model makers: dave pedley, lee tetzner, kathryn prince, simon peeke, rodrigo santos, nicki howells
animator: jerrold howard