Christmas is swift approaching and most of us have still got our present shopping to do. I'm blaming that it's only just been my daughter's fifth birthday, so I've not been able to think about Christmas yet – you've probably got your own excuse. So to help you find those perfect gifts to your family, friends and colleagues, the Digital Arts team has brought together the best things we've seen come through our doors or at events around the country. Aren't we great!

Apple iPad Pro

A quick straw poll says that the iPad Pro is the tech-related thing most of us want for Christmas. It's not just the tablet itself we want, us greedy buggers, it's the £100 Pencil too.

The reason being is that – as we discovered when we gave an iPad Pro to artist Pete Fowler and filmed his reaction – it's the nearest to drawing with a pen or pencil that we've ever felt, with all of the advantages of a digital device too. For best results, you'll also need a copy of Procreate too.

We also fell in love with its beautiful screen, as it's just as good for watching The Walking Dead in bed on Christmas night while your parents are downstairs watching something awful on BBC1.

Price: £566 plus VAT (32GB WiFi model), £749 (128GB WiFi + Cellular). Pencil £66. Smart Keyboard £116.

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