Five years after its launch, the iPad is growing up. The new iPad Pro, introduced at Apple’s media event on Wednesday, blurs the line between iPad and MacBook just a little more, with a 12.9-inch screen capable of running two apps side by side without either of them feeling cramped in the slightest.

But as large as it is, the iPad Pro doesn’t feel unwieldy, even to me, an avowed fan of the iPad mini. We’ve learned from the iMac and the iPhone both that people love giant screens with tons and tons of pixels crammed on to them, and that’s what the iPad Pro delivers, along with performance that should let more people than ever leave their laptops at home.

The iPad Pro is only just over 700g, which is astonishing since my first-generation iPad is still in active service at my house, and it just under that. The iPad Pro is so much bigger but doesn’t feel unbalanced or awkward. I could hold it easily, but I sort of wished it had a kickstand like the Surface Pro.

It's the size of a big magazine, or a clipboard. But it doesn't feel unwieldy. But once you have it propped up just how you like, the iPad Pro’s screen looks amazing. At 2,732 x 2,048 resolution, it’s got 5.6 million pixels, and the short side has as many pixels as the longer side of an iPad mini. I was impressed with the responsiveness of iOS 9 on this tablet, as I easily pulled out the sidebar and entered Split Screen view.

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