Estelle Baylis

Watch Estelle talk about her Wacom Cintiq Companion experience in the video above

Motion Design Director Estelle Baylis took a little time to get used to the new experience of working directly onto the screen. However as she suffers from neck and shoulder issues, Estelle also appreciated the fact that she could use the Cintiq Companion directly in front of her, rather like an easel.

“I like the fact that the Cintiq is also a computer which means I can work anywhere with it and access emails/internet,” she told us. “So rather than being fixed at my desktop computer, I can choose to work elsewhere if need be.”

She wasn't keen on the Windows OS at first, and indeed in our final interview, she still expresses a desire for the Companion to run the Mac OS. However arming herself with a Mac keyboard seemed to settle some of her initial concerns and she was soon drawing on the screen directly into Illustrator. “It's just a much more natural way of working,” she states.

Nor was she long restricted to the keyboard, informing us that she started to use the Companion's shortcuts within Illustrator, mostly for increasing/decreasing the brush width via the touch strip, as well as creating a few screen shortcuts for the radial menu.

As well as working full time, Estelle is also learning Processing, and using this to create illustrative generative artwork. During the competition, Estelle found she could make use of the Companion's in-built camera to photograph some plants as source material for her work in Processing, first using the brushes Illustrator to trace over the shapes.

And although she's still averse to the PC-style environment, she has recently been extolling the benefits of the Cintiq Companion to other creatives.  “Working directly onto a screen makes so much difference,” she adds. 

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