Price: from £999.99 plus VAT. Model reviewed, £1,083

Straight out of the box and the Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 is as smart and solid as I’ve come to expect from Wacom equipment. An hour’s experimenting discovers three points in its favour. There’s a great 13.3-inch screen: colours look good, and that’s an area I know about and hold up as very important. There’s perfect pen tech - although I was asked to calibrate the pen more than once for some reason.

Wacom’s new Cintiq also has a very satisfying weight - twice as heavy as the Surface Pro, but personally I like something that feels strong and secure to work with. The only true test though is to work with it, as this ain’t no toy.  

Every illustration I do starts with a pencil drawing; it’s fundamental to what I do, I also work in two specific, different illustration styles.  My ‘main’ illustration style relies on original detailed pencil drawings, flowing lines, sketching away at elements to perfect how they look, maybe catching likenesses in portraits or encapsulating movement in liquids.

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