Vaio officials said the aim with its Surface clone was to tackle the creative types who like the appeal of the Surface Pro setup, but need more (which is why they're showing it off at the Adobe Max conference). Content creators need horsepower, so Vaio figured out a way to jam a 45-watt CPU into a tablet’s body that isn’t bigger than the Hulk. Even Wacom's highest-end Cintiq Companion tablet PC only has a dual-core chip.

To be fair to Vaio, the company doesn’t actually think it competes directly with the Surface Pro 3. It actually wants to take a shot at Apple and try to wrest creatives away from their MacBook Pro or Cintiq Compainons. The idea, VAIO said, is to entice those users with excellent pen support for artistic endeavors, and far more performance than what’s available on the dual-core devices.

Still, it’s hard not to see this as a Surface Pro clone.

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