Best stylus for Android: Intro

Android tablets are growing in popularity, but peripherals and accessories to support them don't seem to be as commonplace as those designed to work with Apple's iOS devices. That's why we've put together a list of styli that are compatible with Android tablets, and are great tools for artists and designers who want to create digital artwork whilst on the move. 

There aren't as many options for Android as there are for iPad (such as those in our best styli for iPad round-up) but there are still some brilliant styli that should do the trick, particularly if you use them in conjunction with some of the best Android apps for designers or the best Android apps for artists. Just be warned: styluses can come with claims they work with 'some' Android tablets. Double check it's compatible with yours before buying. 

You won't find any styli for Android that include pressure sensitivity like the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus or Adobe's Ink and Slide, but popular styli from the likes of Adonit, Just Mobile, Sensu, Nomad, FiftyThree and LynkTec are all compatible with Android, so we'll talk you through our favourites here.

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Read on for our pick of the 5 best styli for Android.

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