Science Museum, London
February 8-September 3

The Science Museum's latest exhibition offers both visual inspiration from 500 years of robots – and a chance to see how modern synthetic humanoids are impacting our world.

The exhibition begins by exploring the history of robots whose purpose was to exist within artforms – from early religious automata and a beautiful clockwork swan to a life-sized Maria from Metropolis' (shown) and even a Terminator. From here, it explores how real robots can see, move and even track you around the room.

It finishes with a hall of modern robots, some of which you can interact with – including the utterly charming 'child robot' Pepper, Honda's Asimo, and Zeno R25 (which mimics your expressions). What stays in your mind the most after you leave is the robot baby that's stuck to a wall at the exhibition's entrance – which is incredibly lifelike and a study in creepiness.

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