Becky Simpson is the author and illustrator of the brilliantly funny I'd Rather be Short, an illustrated collection of 100 reasons why it's great to be small. The success of her debut book has led to a second book deal, and she's currently part of Adobe's Creative Residency programme, which means she's being funded for a year to focus on her personal projects as well as educate others about how to peruse their own.

Being an Adobe Creative Resident, it was only natural that Becky would be speaking at Adobe's annual creative conference, Adobe Max, which we attended in October. Her talk, titled Adventures in Book Publishing, shared insight into the publishing process and how to make it successful. We caught up with her after her session to chat about her books and side projects to find out more.

Ashleigh Allsopp: Tell us a bit more about your book I'd Rather Be Short and how you first came up with the idea?

Becky Simpson: "I'd Rather Be Short is a humorous book that's really meant to be empowering to help women, or anybody but it's geared towards women, to celebrate how they are created. I always knew someday in the future I would do books, but I had this idea and I knew it would work. I just had that feeling about it.

It was really a labour of love. I knew nobody was going to pay me to do something I'd never done, so it started out as a side project that was the ultimate portfolio piece. If I had had to self publish it, it was at least going to be a way to say, this is what I like to draw and there's plenty more where that came from. But it did end up getting published by Plume Books, which is part of Penguin Random House, so it came from a pure place of wishing it already existed and executing it in a way that was very on-point with what I liked to do."

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