Design conferences are one of the best ways for students and professionals working within the creative industry to learn new skills, get inspiration and most importantly make new contacts that could lead to future employment or exciting collaborations.

There are hundreds of design conferences that take place across the globe, so here we've collected 11 of our favourites to help you get started. They're happening this year and next, and you'll find events here that are in the UK, America, Europe and more.

We've put them in chronological order starting with the event that's happening soonest.

Best design conferences: Reasons to be Creative

Reasons to be Creative will arrive in Brighton on 7 September, and is a three-day event that covers various disciplines including design, development, typography, sound, gaming, illustration, art, film and more.

The schedule includes Graphic Storytelling with Noma Bar, How to build a startup with Jolyon Russ, and The Art of Misuse with Evan Roth. Other speakers include Lizzie Mary Cullen, Jeff Greenspan, Jon Hicks and more, many of which are shown here.

We particularly enjoy the Elevator Pitch, which sees 20 speakers present their work in speedy three-minute pitches.

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