Formac articles

  • Disk mini review

    The Disk mini has obviously been designed with Apple’s Macbook laptop in mind, but it’ll look great in any creative workspace. It's available in two versions, the white Oxygen and the black Raven.

  • Formac offers new LCD monitors

    Formac has introduced the Gallery Platinum LCD line, available in 19.0 and 20.1-inch sizes. The Gallery Platinum 1900 supports 1280-x-1024 pixel native resolution, while the Gallery Platinum 2010 supports a 1600-x-1200 pixel native resolution.

  • Formac adds 19" & 20.1" black LCDs

    Formac has announced two new black front bezel Gallery LCD displays, the 19-inch Gallery 1900 Raven and the 20.1-inch Gallery 2010 Raven. Formac claims that MVA technology (multi-domain vertical alignment) enhances the screens’ performance, including pixel response times, viewing angle and colour depth.

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