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  • Boris Continuum Complete 5.0 for Avid ships

    Boris FX has released Boris Continuum Complete 5.0 for Avid AVX 2.0. BCC 5.0 for AVX is a plug-in package offering over 180 filters for professional visual effects creation. Leveraging the new AVX 2.0 API features, BCC 5.0 delivers a number of user workspace enhancements including on-screen and contextual controls for faster and better effects design, according to Boris FX. Other significant additions are the new BCC 5.0 for AVX filters that incorporate high powered image scaling and motion tracking as well as OGL acceleration for creating unique looks and organic effects. The new BCC 5.0 on-screen controls are designed specially for Avid AVX systems. They provide Avid editors an organized workspace in which they can visually set up often used geometric parameters such as Motion Tracker and Pixel Chooser. The new BCC 5.0 contextual controls reduce the user interface clutter whilst the new EZ mode helps users keep their focus on the main filter parameters.

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