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Review:  Tinderbox 4 review

As with Tinderboxes 1, 2, and 3, the new collection includes a mix of generators, colour effects, psychedelics, and other filters.

Boris Red 4 review

Review:  Boris Red 4 review

While we now take integration between video-editing programs and compositing tools for granted, Boris Red pioneered this by running as a…

Mac Pro 3GHz review

Review:  Mac Pro 3GHz review

The base-level Mac Pro is aimed at graphic designers and other primarily 2D-focused creatives. This model sits at the other end of the scale.

Nucleo Pro review

Review:  Nucleo Pro review

As the name suggests, Nucleo Pro is an expanded version of GridIron’s Best Buy-winning Nucleo plug-in for After Effects (AE) which was…

PhotoFrame Pro 3 review

Review:  PhotoFrame Pro 3 review

PhotoFrame is named using the Ronseal method – it enables you to put frames on your photos. Version 3 sees an overhaul of the interface and…

Review:  Xtreme SL Quadro 2500M review

The Xtreme SL Quadro 2500M is enormous. It’s a 19-inch laptop, though you’d need to be The Rock to have a lap large enough to balance it on.

Mac Pro review

Review:  Mac Pro review

The Mac Pro is more than a G5 with a new processor, it’s a powerful system that offers something not usually associated with Apple – value.

News:  IBC: Apple updates Final Cut Pro

Apple has used the IBC trade show in Amsterdam to announce Final Cut Pro 5.1.2, an update to the Mac maker's video editing software that adds…

Shake 4.1 review

Review:  Shake 4.1 review

When Apple announced that it was slashing the price of Shake for Mac, it received hyperbole equating this to a Ferrari being offered for the…

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AMD Opteron 2000 vs Intel Xeon 5100 review

Comment:  Create a vector map collage

I'm afraid not, no. This was a commercial commission, so cannot be used for any purpose except by the company who commissioned it (and us…

AMD Opteron 2000 vs Intel Xeon 5100 review

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