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Shake 4.1 review

Review:  Shake 4.1 review

When Apple announced that it was slashing the price of Shake for Mac, it received hyperbole equating this to a Ferrari being offered for the…

Review:  Magicolor 7450 review

Konica Minolta’s latest laser printer may look like a 1970s Soviet housing project, but a few niggles aside, the quality of its output will…

RT.X2 review

Review:  RT.X2 review

enables editors to capture, edit and output HDV with a minimum of fuss. Like the first generation of DV editing hardware, it’s somewhat…

MacBook Pro 17-inch review

Review:  MacBook Pro 17-inch review

Apple’s latest pro laptop isn’t just a larger version of the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro – it adds a faster processor and the option of a glossy…

Boris Blue 1.0 review

Review:  Boris Blue 1.0 review

Following on from the first real-time 2D motion graphics application, Apple Motion, Boris FX has released the first truly-professional…

Precision M90 review

Review:  Precision M90 review

The Precision M90 has a much chunkier shell than its M65 cousin, as it’s based on a completely different line of laptops – Dell's…

Review:  VP2330wb review

The progress of technology can be a wonderful thing. Prices are dropping all the time, leaving Viewsonic’s latest 23-inch model looking overpriced.

Fluid Mask 2.0 review

Review:  Fluid Mask 2.0 review

There are two important aspects to a masking plug-in. First is the ability to deal with painstakingly complex detail such as hair and…

Perfection V700 Photo review

Review:  Perfection V700 Photo review

It’s been a while since a scanner aimed specifically at professional creatives was released, so it’s a surprise that both Epson and HP are…

Review:  Inspiron 9400 review

Dell’s first laptop to offer Intel’s new Core Duo line of processors features the same chip as Apple’s MacBook Pro (left), but places it…

Cordless Desktop S530 review

Review:  Cordless Desktop S530 review

The Cordless Desktop S530 is the first keyboard-&-mouse combo we’ve seen that’s aimed squarely at Mac-based designers, video editors, and…

MacBook Pro 15.4-inch review

Review:  MacBook Pro 15.4-inch review

Apple’s first laptop since the move from Motorola to Intel processors isn’t the groundbreaking machine that many were expecting. If anything,…

Review:  FireGL 7350 review

Innovations in 3D graphics cards usually appear first in the gaming market. However, the first board to boast 1GB of RAM is the FireGL 7350,…

Review:  xw9300 workstation review

HP released the xw9300 workstation over a year ago, but this version is the first model we’ve seen to offer two Quadro FX 3450 graphics…

120 LCD Monitor review

Review:  120 LCD Monitor review

There was a time when almost every designer had a LaCie monitor. The move from CRT to LCD hasn’t been kind to the company though, with many…

Review:  M50 review

Samsung describes the M50 as the ‘world’s thinnest and lightest 17-inch notebook’. At just under 3kg, the latter is completely true – but the…

After Effects 7.0 review

Review:  After Effects 7.0 review

Adobe hasn’t taken its foot off the pedal for AE’s seventh major release. High-end users working on digital intermediate (DI) and digital…

Review:  DualHead2Go review

The DualHead2Go adds multi-display output to laptops – allowing you to connect two monitors to the laptop’s VGA output port.

UltraSharp 3007WFP review

Review:  UltraSharp 3007WFP review

Dell’s upwardly expanding line of LCD displays has been great for designers. Not only have the products been impressive in their own right…

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UltraSharp 3007WFP review

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UltraSharp 3007WFP review

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