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News:  JVC to launch ProHD

JVC is to launch a new pro-level 3CCD camcorder at the NAB show in Las Vegas, which runs from April 16-21. The GY-HD100 uses an expanded version…

IntelliStation Z Pro review

Review:  IntelliStation Z Pro review

The last IBM workstation we looked at was rather behind the times – but this is right up-to-date. Dealer Matek’s entry into our last workstation…

News:  3DS Max 7.5 for subscribers only

Discreet has announced a free update for its 3DS Max modeling, animations and rendering suite, which will ship in mid-April. However, version 7.5…

Edius Pro 3 review

Review:  Edius Pro 3 review

Edius has been an also-ran in the NLE market but Canopus hopes, with the emergence of HDV, the company’s expertise with codecs will give the…

HDR-FX1 review

Review:  HDR-FX1 review

Sony’s HDR-FX1E is the first HDV camcorder to record in 1080i, the interlaced variant of HDV that records at 1,440-x-1,080 with a 16:9 widescreen…

Digital TV comes to the masses

In-Depth:  Digital TV comes to the masses

Projecting 3D models onto real people gave a distinctive look-&-feel to Aardman Animation’s campaign for the BBC’s multichannel services.

Visual Communicator review

Review:  Visual Communicator review

I’m going to have to admit an initial bias against Visual Communicator. It’s a production system designed to make creating video-based corporate…

In-Depth:  Shoebox shuffle

The BBC’s flagship autumn show for kids, Shoebox Zoo, meant bringing Celtic carvings to life while working with a transatlantic team of animators,…

Liquid Edition 6 review

Review:  Liquid Edition 6 review

Liquid Edition is one of those pieces of software that ‘coulda been a contender’. A few years ago, when Premiere 6.5 seemed on its last legs,…

Precision 670 review

Review:  Precision 670 review

This Precision 670 is, quite simply, the most powerful workstation we’ve ever seen. If it were a Sci-Fi robot, it would be called Maximillian and…

Top 20 movie posters

In-Depth:  Top 20 movie posters

From Metropolis to Memento, classic film posters are an underappreciated form of graphic design. We celebrate the best.

Avid Xpress Studio review

Review:  Avid Xpress Studio review

Both Adobe and Apple have been pushing the integration of their video, audio and DVD authoring tools with their respective Video Collection and…

News:  IBC: Low-cost SD/HD share ships

Blackmagic Design has released a routing switcher that the company claims offers facilities to smaller post houses that previously only large…

News:  IBC: Matrox adds Combustion plug-in

Matrox has announced a plug-in for Discreet's Combustion compositing software that allows users of the company's Parhelia line of graphics cards…

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IBC: AE grid software gains render tool

Comment:  Create a vector map collage

I'm afraid not, no. This was a commercial commission, so cannot be used for any purpose except by the company who commissioned it (and us with…

IBC: AE grid software gains render tool

Comment:  Handmade textures and shading effects

Sorry about that. I can't replicate this. Is it a specific ad that's doing this? If so, could you let me know who it's for please. Other useful…

IBC: AE grid software gains render tool

Comment:  Iain Macarthur

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