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Genuine Fractals 5 review

Review:  Genuine Fractals 5 review

Here at Digital Arts we often have to work with images that just aren’t high-res enough, which is where tools such as Genuine Fractals are invaluable.

Review:  Colour Confidence Profiler review

The Colour Confidence Profiler is the first system to offer profiling of both inkjet and laser printers for around £500. It combines the…

15-inch MacBook Pro review

Review:  15-inch MacBook Pro review

The new 15-inch MacBook Pro is the first laptop we’ve seen to use Intel’s new version of its Centrino platform, codenamed Santa Rosa.

Final Cut Studio 2 review

Review:  Final Cut Studio 2 review

Once the underdog to video-editing applications from the likes of Adobe and Avid, Apple’s Final Cut Pro has since become the industry…

InDesign CS3 review

Review:  InDesign CS3 review

Perhaps surprisingly for a graphic-design application, it’s the new workflow systems and tools that really impress in InDesign CS3 ­– while…

Review:  MJ-12 8550i review

The MJ-12 8550i has all of the options you’d expect from a 3D workstation: two Xeon processors with a choice of dual- or quad-core chips, and…

Photoshop CS3 review

Review:  Photoshop CS3 review

Photoshop is the tool that unifies Digital Arts readers. Whether you work in graphic design and illustration, VFX, and 3D animation – for…

News:  Autodesk ships Maya 8.5 PLE

A new version of Autodesk's Maya Personal Learning Edition (PLE) software is now available for download. Based on Maya Complete 8.5 software,…

News:  Adult Swim shows TV on the Radio

Music video directors Daniel Garcia and Mixtape Club have created an animated promo for hip indie band TV on the Radio, which will appear…

Review:  Imagine QX64 review

This workstation from CAD2 is the first we’ve seen to offer nVidia’s brand-new Quadro FX 4600 graphics card, combining it with a single…

Halide review

Review:  Halide review

Halide is the first release from UK plug-in newcomer Amber Visual -- a 'film-look' plug-in for After Effects that's designed to compete with…

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Halide review

Comment:  Create a vector map collage

I'm afraid not, no. This was a commercial commission, so cannot be used for any purpose except by the company who commissioned it (and us…

Halide review

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Please contact the artist about licensing his work. Iain's site is at