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Review:  Scan 3XS PVE-930 review

Scan is the only company that’s chosen to include Windows Vista on its workstation, and it seems to have made no difference to its performance.

Review:  Xworks X8i-C2Q review

The X8i-C2Q is the top performer here, offering the best overall mix of processor, memory and storage. Other workstations have more chips,…

Xfile 2 review

Review:  Xfile 2 review

Xfile 2 is a Photoshop plug-in that now allows users to, for example, turn a 4:3 photograph into an almost square image without losing the…

Review:  GrafiLite review

Viewing booths are bulky and expensive – you’d be hard pressed to find one costing less than £500. The new GrafiLite is around a tenth of…

30-inch LCD monitors

In-Depth:  30-inch LCD monitors

A really, really big screen makes designing a joy – and they’re getting less expensive all the time. Digital Arts puts the latest 30-inch…

Ricoh R8 review

Review:  Ricoh R8 review

Ricoh’s Caplio R8 is an overhauled version of last year’s R7, which successfully placed a 7x zoom lens on the front of a pocket-sized camera body.

HP xw4600 review

Review:  HP xw4600 review

Even for a single-processor model, the xw4600 has a dinky chassis that will slip under even the smallest desk – and it’s well-designed, too.

CAD2 Vision DQX-SE review

Review:  CAD2 Vision DQX-SE review

CAD2’s latest workstation features an almost identical spec to the Armari QX3 that we looked here. The core differences are the choice of…

Pegasus 670 review

Review:  Pegasus 670 review

Arriving too late for last month’s laptop group test, the Pegasus 670 is an intriguing mix of power and portability – though the model…

Review:  Apple 30-inch Cinema Display review

If you want a 30-inch monitor to flaunt in front of your colleagues while also colour co-ordinating with your Mac, this Cinema HD Display is…

Review:  Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC review

While the rest of the models we’ve looked at here are focused on the professional creative market, the UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC has one eye on…

Review:  Eizo FlexScan SX3031W review

The FlexScan SX3031W is the first 30-inch display to offer more than eight-bit image processing for greater colour depth and more accurate…

Review:  HP LP3065 review

At more than £200 less than its nearest competitor, the LP3065 is a bargain. O

Review:  Samsung SyncMaster 305T review

The SyncMaster 305T is never going to garner the admiring comments and jealous glances of Apple’s 30-inch Cinema HD Display, but it’s…

Drobo review

Review:  Drobo review

Data Robotics describes the Drobo as ‘the world’s first storage robot’, but it’s actually a hard drive enclosure with some nifty built-in…

Review:  Armari QX3 review

Armari’s QX3 is a workstation aimed at the highest end of the 3D market – though it’s possibly too high-end for those working in digital…

Review:  SymmetryShop 2 review

SymmetryShop is a niche tools and seems pricey – but if you regularly create patterns for textiles or fashion, it can make a huge difference…

OnOne PhotoTune 2.2 review

Review:  OnOne PhotoTune 2.2 review

PhotoTune includes two plug-ins: SkinTune and ColorTune that OnOne acquired in September 2007, and has since updated both to version 2.2.

The rising stars of design

In-Depth:  The rising stars of design

Check out the new talent you should be looking to commission and be inspired by in the coming 12 months.

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The rising stars of design

Comment:  Create a vector map collage

I'm afraid not, no. This was a commercial commission, so cannot be used for any purpose except by the company who commissioned it (and us…

The rising stars of design

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