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Boris Continuum Complete 6 review

Review:  Boris Continuum Complete 6 review

The headline new feature in the Boris Continuum Complete 6 is 3D Objects, which extrude and animate text and vector shapes – replicating…

Review:  Alien Skin Bokeh review

Bokeh is the real-world photographic technique for creating images where the subject is largely in focus and the background is blurred. This…

Review:  Filter Forge review

Filter Forge is – by quite a margin – the most powerful plug-in we’ve looked at here. That’s because it’s a tool for creating plug-ins, both…

Review:  OnOne Genuine Fractals 6 review

Genuine Fractals 6 is available in two versions. Both feature the same scaling engine, but the Standard Edition supports RGB images only.

Review:  Luxology ImageSynth 2 review

ImageSynth 2 generates seamless textures from lower-resolution images, ao it allows the user take one or more small images of grass and ferns…

Review:  Imagenomic Portraiture 2 review

Portraiture is a plug-in that automates skin smoothing and blemish removal – and it’s one that most digital artists will want to get their hands on.

Review:  Nik Silver Efex Pro review

Silver Efex Pro efficiently produces great black-and-white effects that are fiddly to create in Photoshop alone. It ships with a set of…

Review:  Akvis Sketch 8.5 review

Akvis’ Sketch is the only plug-in we’ve seen that produces decent pencil drawing from images, though it’s let down by a wonky workflow and…

Review:  Digital Anarchy ToonIt Photo review

ToonIt Photo replicates a hand-drawn style well that almost all plug-ins do very badly indeed: comics – covering techniques from outlined to…

Review:  Topaz Adjust review

Topaz Adjust offers a quick way to make images more dynamic, by manipulating their exposure, contrast and saturation using its swift workflow…

Photoshop CS4 plug-ins

In-Depth:  Photoshop CS4 plug-ins

Ramp up Photoshop CS4’s creative power using specialized plug-ins – whether you’re after convincing lens effects or larger images, there’s…

Review:  Imagine WS114 review

Our review model of CAD2’s Imagine WS114 workstation sees the debut of nVidia’s Quadro FX 4800 graphics card, which boasts a whopping 1.5GB…

News:  Apple to launch new Mac Pros soon?

Intel is about to launch its next line of Xeon processors for dual-chip workstations, which will almost certainly find their way into the…

Boost your online portfolio

In-Depth:  Boost your online portfolio

Your website is the first place people will look when they’re sizing you up for commissions – so it’s crucial to get it right.

Apple LED Cinema Display review

Review:  Apple LED Cinema Display review

Apple's stylish LED Cinema Display looks like a great monitor for professional print, Web, video and animation creatives, but it's just not…

Adobe InDesign CS4 review

Review:  Adobe InDesign CS4 review

Current InDesign users will want the CS4 version for Smart Guides and Live Preflighting; other new additions make it worth the upgrade price, too.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 review

Review:  Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 review

Beyond being available for the Mac once more, the last version of Premiere Pro was low on new features – so more than any other CS4 product,…

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Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 review

Comment:  Create a vector map collage

I'm afraid not, no. This was a commercial commission, so cannot be used for any purpose except by the company who commissioned it (and us…

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 review

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