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Editor of Digital Arts. Man about town. Music snob. Father. You know the rest

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Review:  Digital Anarchy Beauty Box review

We’ve all had to deal with footage where someone has skimped on a decent make-up artist and you’ve been asked to give some poor unfortunate a…

Review:  Datacolor Spyder3Studio SR review

The Spyder3 Studio SR opens up colour management to illustrators, photographers and designers with high-end colour needs but shoestring budgets.

Review:  Xerox Phaser 7500 review

The 7500 offers fast, exceptional output and is the best on the market, though it’s not without idiosyncrasies, and one of its headline…

Vault49's juicy BlackBerry images

In-Depth:  Vault49's juicy BlackBerry images

New York-based illustrators Vault49 created an illustration-heavy campaign targetting creatives, showing what the latest BlackBerry range can do.

Red Giant Mojo review

Review:  Red Giant Mojo review

Magic Bullet Suite is one of the most popular colour-correction tools on the market. The latest addition, Mojo, offers a simple way to ‘punch…

Coldplay goes interstellar

In-Depth:  Coldplay goes interstellar

Hello Charlie matched the ambition of Coldplay’s stadium rock with a sweeping set of animations for the band’s tour visuals.

Review:  Pixelmator 1.5 review

In a market dominated by Adobe Photoshop, Pixelmator does its best to stand out, with a unique interface and an ever-growing set of…

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Possible scam alert: Publicized 'Autodesk Maya 2010 software conference' does not exist

Comment:  Create a vector map collage

I'm afraid not, no. This was a commercial commission, so cannot be used for any purpose except by the company who commissioned it (and us…

Possible scam alert: Publicized 'Autodesk Maya 2010 software conference' does not exist

Comment:  Iain Macarthur

Please contact the artist about licensing his work. Iain's site is at