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Simulate: Illuma review

Review:  Simulate: Illuma review

DigiEffect's latest plug-in set includes five lighting tools that will appeal to compositors who don't want to splash out on GenArts Sapphire.

DreamColor LP2480zx review

Review:  DreamColor LP2480zx review

Developed with Dreamworks Animation, the DreamColor LP2480ZX is the first monitor to offer a 10-bit-per-colour output at a price that’s…

Review:  Boris Continuum Complete 5 review

Boasting over 180 filters, Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) covers many bases, including traditional image processors, generators and…

Review:  GenArts Sapphire 2.0 review

Sapphire is the daddy of VFX plug-in collections. Its high-end toolset has found favour with firms producing VFX for Hollywood feature films…

Visual effects plug-in suites

In-Depth:  Visual effects plug-in suites

Plug-in collections offer a huge number of extra tools for not a lot of cash. We put them through their paces, helping you pick the best for…

Universal Type Server review

Review:  Universal Type Server review

Universal Type Server is a font-management system that aims to make things easy for small design studios, while providing a huge amount of…

Review:  Magnetar SDX review

The Magnetar SDX is a whopper of a workstatio, measuring 62cm-x-22cm-x-425cm and weighing only slightly less than a baby elephant. If you…

Review:  Vision Q64 Overdrive review

CAD2’s Vision Q64 OverDrive is plain, inexpensive, but still relatively powerful and an ideal first buy for a 3D artist taking their first…

Review:  Acer Aspire EasyStore review

While clearly aimed at home users, the Aspire EasyStore offers much that will appeal to small studios – such as ease of use, speedy media…

Review:  Drobo + DroboShare review

The Drobo is a USB 2.0 hard drive with a RAID technology all of its own, while the DroboShare is an add-on that allows you to connect it to a network.

Review:  Freecom Network Drive Pro review

With only a single drive at its core, the Network Drive Pro is the simplest of the NAS units we’ve looked at here. It’s also the smallest and…

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Iomega StorCenter Pro 150D NAS review

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I'm afraid not, no. This was a commercial commission, so cannot be used for any purpose except by the company who commissioned it (and us…

Iomega StorCenter Pro 150D NAS review

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