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Mudbox 1.0 review

Review:  Mudbox 1.0 review

From a team of film studio modellers whose most recent work graced both The Lord of the Rings and King Kong, the highly anticipated Mudbox has the…

Antics 2 review

Review:  Antics 2 review

A previsualization tool for the film and TV industries, Antics 2’s workflow places a new focus on the timeline, and boasts a vastly improved user…

Viva design

In-Depth:  Viva design

Digit investigates South American design culture and its influence throughout the world.

Far East fusion

In-Depth:  Far East fusion

Japanese design style is influential throughout the West - engaging with the culture is the key to truly innovative design.

Pressing matters

In-Depth:  Pressing matters

Print production is a thousand accidents waiting to happen. Digit’s got the answers to ease your printing pain.

Strata 3D CX 5 review

Review:  Strata 3D CX 5 review

Strata is a 3D application aimed at giving designers the kind of simplicity they experience on the likes of Photoshop and Illustrator, offering an…

Stock options

In-Depth:  Stock options

Stock imagery is a part of the creative process whether you like it or not. Here's how to get the best from picture libraries.

In good company

In-Depth:  In good company

A job at a wacky creative agency may appear glamorous, but can designing in-house for a business be equally creative? Digit investigates.

Form.Z 6.0 review

Review:  Form.Z 6.0 review

Form.Z has been one of the more capable 3D modelling applications for some years, but version 6.0 sees it take a significant step.

Selling yourself

In-Depth:  Selling yourself

Creatives earn their keep promoting their clients’ brands - but to win clients they need to promote themselves effectively too.

Designs on the World Cup

In-Depth:  Designs on the World Cup

The media is saturated with football-related advertising, reaching fever pitch when the big summer tournaments kick off. Digit investigates.

Craft Camera Tools review

Review:  Craft Camera Tools review

Craft Camera Tools is a set of 3D camera plug-ins that allows you to record travelling, flying, or wandering cameras through scenes in Autodesk…

StoryViz 2.0 review

Review:  StoryViz 2.0 review

This release of StoryViz is free to owners of version 1.0, but there's much new here and it’s now closely integrated with RealViz’s MatchMover Pro…

Review:  Moujou review

Moujou is a matchmoving plug-in for Maya from 2d3. It takes its functionality from Boujou, the company’s popular standalone camera tracking…

Site of the times

In-Depth:  Site of the times

Since the dot-com crash, conservatism has ruled the Web, but there's a new spirit of experimentation about.

CorelDraw X3 Graphics Suite review

Review:  CorelDraw X3 Graphics Suite review

Now in its thirteenth incarnation, Corel Graphics Suite seems confident enough to take on Adobe’s Creative Suite 2, armed with a stack of new…

Encore DVD 2.0 review

Review:  Encore DVD 2.0 review

The new version of Encore DVD shares many of the other enhancements of the Production Studio components. Customizable workspaces with…

Premiere Pro 2.0 review

Review:  Premiere Pro 2.0 review

As part of the Production Studio, Premiere Pro 2.0 ties into the workflows of Adobe’s other production tools. Even as a standalone application,…

Vision express

In-Depth:  Vision express

Previsualization techniques have become central to the development of all kinds of movies.

New ways to wow online

In-Depth:  New ways to wow online

In Web design it's creative and technological innovations that are driving the scene forward.