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Poser Pro review

Review:  Poser Pro review

Now owned by Smith Micro, Poser Pro is built on the Poser 7 character-animation solution and comes with that version’s Generation 2 family of…

Xara Xtreme Pro 4.0 review

Review:  Xara Xtreme Pro 4.0 review

Xara Xtreme is a fast alternative to the likes of CorelDraw. With version 4.0, it has made the leap to Windows Vista. It further improves on the…

Review:  Microsoft Expression Design 2 review

Expression Design 2 is Microsoft’s vector graphics tool for creating components for the WPF workflow. Design 2 scores over its predecessor in a…

Review:  Microsoft Expression Media 2 review

Media 2 is the only part of Microsoft’s Studio that runs on a Mac. Offering better import options and organizational ability than the original,…

Microsoft Expression Web 2 review

Review:  Microsoft Expression Web 2 review

Expression Web 2 continues the design-led approach of Blend, offering a well-sized Design view for working with images and text. Full Photoshop…

Microsoft Expression Blend 2 review

Review:  Microsoft Expression Blend 2 review

Microsoft’s Blend is the heart of Expression Studio, the company’s suite of tools that allow designers to create rich Internet applications and…

3DS Max 2009 review

Review:  3DS Max 2009 review

For the first time, 3D package 3DS Max comes in two flavours: the plain 2009 version addresses the media and entertainment sector, while 3DS Max…

FxFactory Pro 2 review

Review:  FxFactory Pro 2 review

FxFactory Pro 2 is a collection of filters, generators and transitions for Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Motion and Final Cut Express, offering 122 effects.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4 review

Review:  CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4 review

The Graphics Suite X4 bundle combines vector artwork design, page layout and image editing in a single package that costs around a third of…

Antics V3 ProPack review

Review:  Antics V3 ProPack review

Antics is a scene-planning tool that creates a 3D animated previsualization of live action and animated productions in real-time.

Autodesk Combustion 2008 review

Review:  Autodesk Combustion 2008 review

Combustion has been idling in the Autodesk back room, but is now back for 2008, with some workflow improvements and the addition of the Colour…

Modo 301 review

Review:  Modo 301 review

A hybrid modelling and painting tool in the tradition of ZBrush, Modo has evolved to introduce organic sculpting and some animation capabilities,…

ZBrush 3.1 review

Review:  ZBrush 3.1 review

ZBrush allows you to sculpt and manipulate 3D models and paint and work with 2D images, but also combines both concepts in a unique ‘2.5D’ workspace.

Microsoft Expression Design review

Review:  Microsoft Expression Design review

Expression Design is a vector graphics creation tool, suited to producing content for Microsoft’s Web tools Expression Blend and Silverlight.

Expression Blend review

Review:  Expression Blend review

Blend, formerly known as Sparkle, allows designers to develop user interfaces for applications and ships as standalone or part of Microsoft's…

Softimage|XSI 6.5 review

Review:  Softimage|XSI 6.5 review

Point releases in 3D packages generally don’t deliver the biggest new feature sets, but the big news with this update is that Softimage has…

3DS Max 2008 review

Review:  3DS Max 2008 review

3DS Max 2008 is the tenth full release of the venerable Autodesk suite, supporting Windows Vista and XP in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Toon Boom Studio 4.0 review

Review:  Toon Boom Studio 4.0 review

Toon Boom Studio offers many advanced features for animation, particularly among the vector-drawing tools used to create the scenes.