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Vision express

In-Depth:  Vision express

Previsualization techniques have become central to the development of all kinds of movies.

New ways to wow online

In-Depth:  New ways to wow online

In Web design it's creative and technological innovations that are driving the scene forward.

Paint Shop Pro X review

Review:  Paint Shop Pro X review

Paint Shop Pro has been around for years, but this is the first major version to be released after its acquisition by Corel. While often seen as a…

Get it together

In-Depth:  Get it together

The rise of the design collective has given creative people a new way of working, away from the tedium of regular design jobs.

MotionBuilder 7 review

Review:  MotionBuilder 7 review

MotionBuilder's workflow is straightforward. You create the character model with bones in your normal application, export it as a FBX file, and…

Cuddling up to clients

In-Depth:  Cuddling up to clients

Whether you’re inspiring a brand or walking on eggshells, handling clients is as much of an art as design itself.

Creative space

In-Depth:  Creative space

Starting out your own creative studio is fraught with stress, but it could be the most rewarding move you every make.

Ikivo Animator review

Review:  Ikivo Animator review

Ikivo Animator creates vector animations in SVG Tiny format, taking content that you've created in Photoshop and Illustrator and prepares it for…

Creative zing

In-Depth:  Creative zing

All truly creative endeavour needs a spark that inspires the project and makes sure the results are worth the effort.

Xtivity 1.1 review

Review:  Xtivity 1.1 review

Plenty of multimedia-authoring applications these days offer the ability to export your projects to the SWF Flash file format. The difference here…

3DS Max 7.5 review

Review:  3DS Max 7.5 review

This update provides downloadable, modular enhancements to 3DS Max that add new functionality. As well as modelling and rendering enhancements,…

DVD Studio Pro 4 review

Review:  DVD Studio Pro 4 review

Faced with competition from Sonic’s product line in particular, Apple has gone straight for the Hollywood quality authoring studios with its new…

Motion 2 review

Review:  Motion 2 review

The first upgrade to Apple’s motion-graphics software still offers real-time drag-&-drop application of filters and other effects, and subsequent…

Final Cut Pro 5 review

Review:  Final Cut Pro 5 review

With this release Apple fixes FCP in high-end markets. While the majority of the new features may appeal only to that market, the support for HD…

Photoshop CS2 review

Review:  Photoshop CS2 review

The new version of Photoshop is the best reason to buy Adobe Creative Suite 2, as it has the pick of the best features among the updated packages.…

Be a design leader

In-Depth:  Be a design leader

Being a design leader is more than simply being inspirational in the studio – it’s about pushing boundaries in design.

Brand New Identity

In-Depth:  Brand New Identity

Rebranding presents a great opportunity to boost a company’s fortunes. Digit checked out the best way to do up a brand.

Poser 6 review

Review:  Poser 6 review

Most 3D artists have experienced Poser at some time in their career. The character tool for animation and graphic design applications was…

Realsoft 3D 5 review

Review:  Realsoft 3D 5 review

Realsoft 3D doesn’t look much when you open it – the Windows interface harks back to the CAD-based early days of 3D. However, there are actually a…

PFHoe 1.0 review

Review:  PFHoe 1.0 review

This application creates camera-tracking data to help match 3D objects into the movement of standard definition (SD) video sequences. The price is…