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Vue 5 Esprit review

Review:  Vue 5 Esprit review

Vue 5 Esprit is the latest version of E-on Software’s Bryce-baiting scenery-builder. It’s an upgrade to Vue d’Esprit 4, with an upgraded version…

Brand Designs

In-Depth:  Brand Designs

Creating a brand identity for a global company can be financially lucrative, but the commission will bring its own kind of design challenges.

Designing DVD Menus 2

Tutorial:  Designing DVD Menus 2

Part two of Designing DVD Menus looks at how design and interaction work together to guide the viewer to the content.

Designing DVD Menus 1

Tutorial:  Designing DVD Menus 1

For a DVD disc to stand out, it needs a menu that does the content justice. Part one: Designing with motion.

StoryViz review

Review:  StoryViz review

StoryViz is not really aimed at mere mortals. It’s intended for those who need to illustrate and previsualize a movie or commercial before…

More than Manga

In-Depth:  More than Manga

Japanese design, like Japanese culture, can be bewildering to outsiders. But Japan’s design culture has influenced designers all over the world.…

Cinema 4D 9 review

Review:  Cinema 4D 9 review

Maxon has delivered a top upgrade to Cinema 4D, with plenty of new features. Leading the way is support for N-gons. These are polygons with more…

Piranesi 4 review

Review:  Piranesi 4 review

Piranesi is primarily used by architects. It’s a painting tool that imports 3D scenes or 2D plans, and allows you to apply textures and add…

Motion review

Review:  Motion review

Motion is Apple’s much anticipated motion-graphics product, providing real-time manipulation and rendering of motion graphics on the Power Mac G5.…

NaturalMotion Endorphin 1.5 review

Review:  NaturalMotion Endorphin 1.5 review

ACT, the concept behind Endorphin, uses intelligent behaviours to apply physical simulations of human movement, and allows real-time interactive…

Wirefusion 4.0 review

Review:  Wirefusion 4.0 review

Demicron’s latest version of this Web multimedia tool is as simple to use as its predecessors. It has the same logical structure and methodology…

Viral Marketing

In-Depth:  Viral Marketing

A viral marketing campaign can make or break a brand. It can increase a company's cred, but it has to be something special to have an impact.

Swift 3D 4 review

Review:  Swift 3D 4 review

For the creation of 3D vector animation and 3D Flash movies, Swift 3D, is one of the most successful tools on the market. This is largely thanks…

Review:  LightWave 8 review

Like many recent releases of 3D applications in the mid- to high-end range, version 8 of LightWave 3D has concentrated mainly on enhancements to…

Review:  DVDit 5 review

DVDit 5 is the latest mid-range DVD authoring tool from the only remaining member of the old guard of DVD developers – Apple, Pinnacle, or Sonic…

Review:  Encore DVD 1.5 review

The previous version of Encore DVD was great in terms of its integration with Adobe’s other video applications, but it suffered from narrow file…

In-Depth:  The state of Web 3D

There’s a way to go before we can visit an online 3D corner shop, but Web 3D continues to develop, and is an increasingly intriguing technology.

Review:  DVD Studio Pro 3 review

Apple’s premier DVD-formation package is now in its third incarnation, bringing new interface elements, workflow enhancements and wider format…

Review:  Opus Pro 04 review

Although billed with the creative tag of an interactive multimedia tool, Opus Pro 04 is clearly designed with the business user in mind. While…

In-Depth:  Living dolls

Gamers demand realism, and with next generation consoles on the way, ragdoll physics technology is making lifelike human movement a reality.