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Viva design

In-Depth:  Viva design

Digit investigates South American design culture and its influence throughout the world.

Far East fusion

In-Depth:  Far East fusion

Japanese design style is influential throughout the West - engaging with the culture is the key to truly innovative design.

Pressing matters

In-Depth:  Pressing matters

Print production is a thousand accidents waiting to happen. Digit’s got the answers to ease your printing pain.

Strata 3D CX 5 review

Review:  Strata 3D CX 5 review

Strata is a 3D application aimed at giving designers the kind of simplicity they experience on the likes of Photoshop and Illustrator, offering an…

Stock options

In-Depth:  Stock options

Stock imagery is a part of the creative process whether you like it or not. Here's how to get the best from picture libraries.

In good company

In-Depth:  In good company

A job at a wacky creative agency may appear glamorous, but can designing in-house for a business be equally creative? Digit investigates.

Form.Z 6.0 review

Review:  Form.Z 6.0 review

Form.Z has been one of the more capable 3D modelling applications for some years, but version 6.0 sees it take a significant step.

Selling yourself

In-Depth:  Selling yourself

Creatives earn their keep promoting their clients’ brands - but to win clients they need to promote themselves effectively too.

Designs on the World Cup

In-Depth:  Designs on the World Cup

The media is saturated with football-related advertising, reaching fever pitch when the big summer tournaments kick off. Digit investigates.

Craft Camera Tools review

Review:  Craft Camera Tools review

Craft Camera Tools is a set of 3D camera plug-ins that allows you to record travelling, flying, or wandering cameras through scenes in Autodesk…

StoryViz 2.0 review

Review:  StoryViz 2.0 review

This release of StoryViz is free to owners of version 1.0, but there's much new here and it’s now closely integrated with RealViz’s MatchMover Pro…

Review:  Moujou review

Moujou is a matchmoving plug-in for Maya from 2d3. It takes its functionality from Boujou, the company’s popular standalone camera tracking…

Site of the times

In-Depth:  Site of the times

Since the dot-com crash, conservatism has ruled the Web, but there's a new spirit of experimentation about.

CorelDraw X3 Graphics Suite review

Review:  CorelDraw X3 Graphics Suite review

Now in its thirteenth incarnation, Corel Graphics Suite seems confident enough to take on Adobe’s Creative Suite 2, armed with a stack of new…

Encore DVD 2.0 review

Review:  Encore DVD 2.0 review

The new version of Encore DVD shares many of the other enhancements of the Production Studio components. Customizable workspaces with…

Premiere Pro 2.0 review

Review:  Premiere Pro 2.0 review

As part of the Production Studio, Premiere Pro 2.0 ties into the workflows of Adobe’s other production tools. Even as a standalone application,…

Vision express

In-Depth:  Vision express

Previsualization techniques have become central to the development of all kinds of movies.

New ways to wow online

In-Depth:  New ways to wow online

In Web design it's creative and technological innovations that are driving the scene forward.

Paint Shop Pro X review

Review:  Paint Shop Pro X review

Paint Shop Pro has been around for years, but this is the first major version to be released after its acquisition by Corel. While often seen as a…

Get it together

In-Depth:  Get it together

The rise of the design collective has given creative people a new way of working, away from the tedium of regular design jobs.