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Adobe Ultra CS3 review

Review:  Adobe Ultra CS3 review

Adobe Ultra is tool for keying, compositing and virtual set work derived for the most part from technology from the Adobe acquisition of Serious…

Review:  Electric Rain Swift 3D 5 review

Swift 3D is a tool for creating 3D interactive Flash material for the Web and mobile devices, rendering 3D objects as vector files.

Boris Continuum Complete 5 review

Review:  Boris Continuum Complete 5 review

Boris Continuum Complete 5 (BCC) is a library of filters and presets for Adobe, Apple, Avid, Apple and Autodesk's editing and compositing suites.

Strata 3D[in] review

Review:  Strata 3D[in] review

Strata, on the other hand, is well known for 3D content creation and three of the latest plug-ins dovetail neatly with the Photoshop Extended's…

Light and magic

In-Depth:  Light and magic

Digital art has revolutionized the field of fantasy and sci-fi imaging. We spoke to some of the leading exponents of fantasy art.

Premiere Pro CS3 review

Review:  Premiere Pro CS3 review

Premiere Pro has not received as much of a features boost as stablemate After Effects, though it too has been touched with the CS3 makeover brush.

trueSpace 7.5 review

Review:  trueSpace 7.5 review

Beneath trueSpace’s strange-looking interface lies an efficient 3D tool offering a range of dedicated views for modelling and assembling scenes.

People skills

In-Depth:  People skills

Designing characters can be as lucrative as it is fun. Digital Arts found out how to give your creations a life of their own.

Illustrator CS3 review

Review:  Illustrator CS3 review

In the absence of an updated FreeHand, CS3 consolidates Illustrator’s lead of the vector pack. Live Color is definitely the standout tool and…

SketchUp Pro 6 review

Review:  SketchUp Pro 6 review

Though available in a free version for illustrators and artists, most 3D artists will prefer the £315 Pro version of 3D sketching tool SketchUp,…

Vue 6 Infinite review

Review:  Vue 6 Infinite review

Vue has had a bit of an overhaul in the interface department with version 6 Infinite. Gone is the recessed blue façade, to be replaced with a…

Review:  StoryBoard Artist 4 review

Storyboard Artist is aimed at creatives who wants to map out motion media from short animations to feature films. It has lots to offer but suffers…

Poser 7 review

Review:  Poser 7 review

Now in its seventh incarnation, Poser has come a long way, offering fast and sophisticated character creation, animation and rendering tools.

Maya 8.5 review

Review:  Maya 8.5 review

This upgrade follows hot on the heels of Maya 8, and adds native compatibility with Intel Macs. However, it’s more than just a compatibility fix...

Xara Xtreme Pro 3.0 review

Review:  Xara Xtreme Pro 3.0 review

Xara Extreme Pro’s toolset pitches the software at multi-tasking creatives. It’s primarily a vector-based graphics application, though it does…

Black & White design

In-Depth:  Black & White design

Despite the limitations of a black-&-white colour palette, it still spawns design and illustration at the cutting edge.

DVDit Pro HD review

Review:  DVDit Pro HD review

With DVDit Pro HD, Roxio is hoping to corner the market for early adoptors of HDV camcorders. It’s a DVD authoring tool that supports Blu-ray disc…

Softimage|XSI 6 review

Review:  Softimage|XSI 6 review

In first inspection, Softimage|XSI 6.0 doesn’t look like much of an update. Once you get stuck into the new features though, you’ll find a wealth…

Future Flash

In-Depth:  Future Flash

It may be a decade old, but professional Flash work on the Web is about to undergo a renaissance.