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Autodesk Maya 2009 review

Review:  Autodesk Maya 2009 review

Maya celebrates its tenth anniversary with the 2009 release, an event marked by enhancements across the board. Although some of these have popped…

Review:  Autodesk Mudbox 2009 review

The key reason to upgrade to the 2009 version of Autodesk's modelling software is to take advantage of the new texture-painting toolset.

DX Studio 3.0 review

Review:  DX Studio 3.0 review

DX Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) aimed at users building real-time 3D interactive applications, simulations or games.

Softimage|XSI 7 review

Review:  Softimage|XSI 7 review

The standout new feature of 3D modelling, animation and rendering application XSI 7 is a visual programming environment, ICE (Interactive Creative…

3D tools for illustrators

In-Depth:  3D tools for illustrators

Using impressive 3D elements in your artwork doesn’t have to be a long, fiddly process: new batch of tools offers slick integration at a good price.

Review:  Caligari trueSpace 7.6 review

Recently released for free following the takeover of developer Caligari by Microsoft, trueSpace is a fully-featured 3D application -- albeit with…

Review:  Daz 3D Bridge review

Rather than rendering content as flat 2D images to Photoshop’s layer-based workflow, 3D Bridge lets you work with the image editor and 3D Bridge…

Review:  Daz Carrara Pro 6 review

Carrara 6 provides five different ‘rooms’ for working on your scene; you switch between each ‘room’ to focus on modelling, texturing, rendering…

Review:  Microspot 3D Toolbox review

Microspot 3D Toolbox is a Mac-only modular 3D application that you upgrade by buying plug-ins that offer rendering, texturing, modelling and…

Review:  Smith Micro Poser Pro review

Poser’s last few versions have improved rendering and realism for the venerable figure-posing application: with models manipulatable down to…

Strata 3D[in] review

Review:  Strata 3D[in] review

Strata’s 3D[in] plug-ins, Design 3D[in], Foto 3D[in] and Live 3D[in], slot neatly into Photoshop Extended CS3’s 3D features. We’ll concentrate…

Cinema 4D R11 review

Review:  Cinema 4D R11 review

The latest version of Maxon’s mid-range 3D modelling, animation and rendering suite adds tools that will appeal to its users across design, VFX…

3D Toolbox review

Review:  3D Toolbox review

Microspot 3D Toolbox is a bit of a curiosity: it’s a truly modular 3D application. You start off with a free base application that’s useful in its…

Adobe Director 11 review

Review:  Adobe Director 11 review

Director has been notable by its absence in the successive Master Collections, so it’s refreshing to see this old stalwart of the…

Poser Pro review

Review:  Poser Pro review

Now owned by Smith Micro, Poser Pro is built on the Poser 7 character-animation solution and comes with that version’s Generation 2 family of…

Xara Xtreme Pro 4.0 review

Review:  Xara Xtreme Pro 4.0 review

Xara Xtreme is a fast alternative to the likes of CorelDraw. With version 4.0, it has made the leap to Windows Vista. It further improves on the…

Review:  Microsoft Expression Design 2 review

Expression Design 2 is Microsoft’s vector graphics tool for creating components for the WPF workflow. Design 2 scores over its predecessor in a…

Review:  Microsoft Expression Media 2 review

Media 2 is the only part of Microsoft’s Studio that runs on a Mac. Offering better import options and organizational ability than the original,…