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About Digital Arts - Our Mission


Digital Arts - comprehensive coverage of the art of graphic design, 3D, animation, video, effects, web and interactive design.

Digital Arts is the UK's leading resource for creative professionals.

Digital Arts addresses the needs of those within the exploding digital media market by providing relevant and forward thinking content, and by consistently running more exclusive reviews and features than any other website in the market.

Digital Arts consistenly delivers high-quality content, providing its professional readership with the latest news and reviews first.

Digital Arts prides itself on providing unbiased product-led information and professional advice, across all platforms and disciplines. Digital Arts uses extensive in-house lab facilities for product assays, producing top-class reviews and trustworthy lab tests.

Based in the UK, Digital Arts benefits from the backing of the world's largest IT publisher, IDG. Through IDG's global network, Digital Arts has access to the world's leading writers, reviewers and the best-informed sources in the industry. This guarantees that Digital Arts always provides the best, most up-to-date information, keeping it well ahead of every other website in the market.

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